Monday, November 30, 2009

Skirt Make-over

Finding skirts that are long enough is difficult. Josie was given these two skirts but neither was what I would consider modest (fully covering the thigh and keeping it covered). After looking at another one of Josie's skirts I got an idea. Why not sew the two skirts together? I got out my seam ripper and took the waist band off the bottom skirt and the ruffle of the top skirt. I stitched the denim skirt piece over the cotton piece allowing the denim to unravel to the stitch line. I think it turned out kinda cute. This could be done with any straight skirt, even a pair of jeans. Just cut off the skirt/jeans below the zipper and sew on a full skirt.

I just love making over clothes! If anyone has any other "do-over" ideas let me know. It IS possible to dress modestly and cheaply without looking 'frumpy'. All it takes is some imagination and some basic sewing skills. I'm not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination! But I can sew a straight (well, almost straight) seam and I find it satisfying to make something new out of something old. Enjoy the pics. God bless. Keep on a prayin'!