Friday, December 10, 2010

To all our readers....

Hello. I know, I don't post anymore. Well, God has blessed and we have been very busy here in Kenora. Victory Baptist Church now has a building! God opened the doors for us to purchase a 5 acre piece of property with a building already on it. The best part was that it was already zoned correctly!

Anyhow, between homeschooling, church renovations, and getting ready for Christmas, I just haven't found much time for blogging. I would like to get back to regular posting, but I just can't keep up with two blogs, so I'm not going to be posting here anymore. I have another blog, "Love... In A Loveless World." I will be posting over there. It would make me very happy if you would continue to follow me at my other blog. I also post an update on the ministry at Victory Baptist Church once a month at the KJV Blog Directory.

I will keep this blog open, however. And how knows? Maybe, I'll learn to be more organized and life will slow down a little!? Okay, so, maybe that's asking a little too much! Thanks for following us.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're still here...

Sorry, we haven't had much time to spend with you in the blogosphere. I have a few minutes between laundry, children, and supper preparations to bring you up-to-date.

Jerry is now cast free and his arm is healing straight. He still has to be careful for the next four weeks, because it isn't healed completely. Tell me, how do you keep an active five-and-a-half-year-old 100% boy from climbing, swinging, or jumping seven feet off the deck until his arm is completely healed? It helps that we've started homeschooling him yesterday. That at least takes care of part of the day, however, you can't home-school 24 hours a day!

We still haven't heard any news about the property the church put a bid on. It's just not the right time yet. We are still praying diligently for the property. The problem right now is that the Realtor still doesn't have all the facts from the survey. Please, continue to make it a matter of prayer. The things God could do with that property is exciting! We will let you all know as soon as we hear one way or the other. In the meanwhile, you can take a look at it here.

Our last paperwork has been sent in to the Canada Revenue Agency and we are waiting to hear their verdict on the our residential status while on deputation. Please pray with us for the sake of all Independent Baptist missionaries from Canada. The CRA is challenging the fact that our church is independent and not a part of a national denominational office. Please, please, pray that the CRA will recognize that we were indeed factual residents while on deputation in the USA. If they do not, we will appeal, but they could begin to attack other IFB missionaries from Canada resulting in a great financial loss, possibly forcing some of them home from the field. If you are in Canada, write your local Member of Parliament and express the fact that we still have "freedom of religion" in Canada and Independent Baptist is indeed an established denomination across Canada and the World.  Silence from God's people has already cost us so many freedoms in Canada. Let's not allow it to happen again. Basically, this means that we would have had no right to claim the benefits that come from filing taxes in Canada. Since, we have already received and used these tax benefits, the CRA is asking us to repay the amounts received while out of the country. For more information read "Canadian Residents Abroad" especially page 5 under the heading of missionaries.

We covet your every prayer and can testify of God's amazing provision since loosing half of our monthly income. God has provided Keith with a temporary job doing lawn care for the elderly which will last as long as the snow stays away. We've heard it often comes as early as mid-October in this part of the world. If this hasn't been solved before then, we trust that God has another plan. God bless you all as you serve Him each day.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jerry's Arm and Other Things...

Good Morning, to you all! Sorry, I didn't update this the other day, it has been crazy busy around here. Jerry did not have surgery on Monday since the surgeon felt his arm seemed to be healing straight. However, he had Jerry go in yesterday for an X-ray and it looks like it may be starting to angle. The Surgeon wants Jerry back in for another X-ray in two weeks to see what is happening. Please, pray that his arm will correct itself and heal straight.

Keith got away for youth camp late in the morning yesterday. I'm trusting he arrived safely, since cell reception is non-existent where they are and no one has called looking for him. Keep the youth in prayer as they will be under some great preaching. Some of our girls have decided to sing solos in this year's competition for the first time. Keep them in prayer as they're a "little" nervous. I'm proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zone. Also, pray for Keith's sanity! It's been a few years since he was involved in the camp ministry and having three small children has worn down his nerves some since then. :o}

One more update: We still have not heard back about the property bid we made as a church last month. The bank was to have a surveyor out around the tenth of the month, but things still have not been settled. God's timing is perfect and we are still praying that He will allow us to have the property. It's a little out of town, but the property would be useful for so many ministries in the future. (including providing a retreat for those in full-time ministry) So, if you need a vacation, pray, PRAY, PRAY!!! Just kidding, although that is one of our (Keith and mine) heart desires to someday have a piece of property with a few cabins to provide a retreat for tired pastors, missionaries, and evangelists. And what better place than Kenora? Anyhow, for the present time, our greatest need is a permanent meeting place. We have to re-locate again this Sunday, because the community center is booked again. Also, they are no longer allowing us to store our equipment in the building. We have been given a trailer and Bro. Will is fixing it up for us to use, but for those of you who either do or have had to pack and unpack every service, you know how hard it is on the church. Please, please pray that God will provide something soon. We do not have a contract with the community center and so, we have no guarantee of an affordable place to meet.

Also, could you all keep us in prayer. I don't think I've blogged about this, but we have been having trouble with Canada Revenue concerning our residential status while we were on deputation. I will try and explain in more detail later, but in a nut shell: they are challenging the fact that we come from an independent church and not a national religious organization. This could mean trouble for all Independent Baptist missionaries in Canada. We have submitted the last documents and forms requested and now we wait. This could mean that we will have to pay back about $30,000 to the government and we were only gone two years. It would be worse for larger families and those who where out of country longer (longer deputation and foreign missionaries.)

Well, I'd better go and check on the kids and make sure Jerry isn't climbing or doing some other fool thing that'll result in another broken arm (which by the way, his arm is broken clean through after all.)

Have a great day, and don't forget to let God have some of your time!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jerry's Arm

Update on Jerry's arm. Well, our boy has decided that he hates casts! I spent a total of ten hours in the emerge on Friday because he took his cast off twice. The last time, the doctor on duty (who happened to be a mother) decided that a full arm cast would do the trick and so far so good!

We are going in tomorrow morning to have his arm checked again. Jerry will likely have to have surgery on his arm. The surgeon will take a more extensive x-ray to determine if its necessary. I was told that if the angle of the fracture is as it appears to be, it could result in a crippled arm and no use of his hand. The doctor explained that instead of the bone growing and healing the fracture, it would grow out the opposite side causing a bump on the bone. As Jerry grows the bump would cause his arm to grow at an angle which would render his arm useless.

Lord willing, the surgery won't be necessary. Please, keep Jerry in prayer tomorrow morning. I was assured that the surgeon is one of the best. Also, pray for us as we try to find ways to occupy a rambunctious five-year-old who can't climb, play in the sand, or do most anything that requires his right hand (he's right-handed.) "Lord, help us!"

Also, pray for our young people who are leaving in the morning for camp. Keith was supposed to take them, but he won't be leaving until Tuesday now. Pray that God will speak to them and given them strength to live for Him. It is an uncertain world they have to face and today's young people need more faith and grace than ever before.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's finally happened....

Yesterday, all three of our children lost their privilege of playing outside when they sneaked under the fence and went to the neighbor's. Well, as we were all getting ready for church, Jerry sneaked off again, this time to his swing set in the back yard.

Now, I've been telling him for a long time that one of these days he's gonna get hurt when he chooses to disobey the rules. Of course, Jerry thinks he's invincible because God has protected him this far. As five-and-a-half-year-old boys do, he chose to learn the hard way.

I was down-stairs doing my make-up when I heard Keith calling me in one of those "someone-got-hurt-bad" voices. Of course, I was applying my blush at the time and ended up with a long heavily applied streak in a strange direction. I went upstairs to see what the fuss was about (after rubbing off the excess blush, of course.) Jerry was holding his arm and crying in a sincere manner. I guess, he was swinging high in the air when a bolt came loose and sent him crashing. (Don't worry, Daddy tightened all the bolts today before anyone else was allowed to play.)

After he calmed down and we saw he could still move his arm; we decided to wait until after church and see if he was still favoring it. By the time we got to church, Jerry was getting adamant about the fact that he "really did" hurt his arm. So, I borrowed Nancy's car and took him to emergency room at the local hospital.

After five hours we were finally ushered back to an examining room. Two hours later Jerry was sporting a half-cast wrapped in a tensor bandage. He has fractured his right arm (can't tell you the name of the bone). He has to wear a half cast until next Friday when they will ex-ray his arm again and probably give him a full cast.

We finally got to bed somewhere between 2 and 2:30 this morning. Between a lack of sleep and the fact that he's right-handed and "can't do anything fun", Jerry was miserable all day. I'd like to believe that he's going to learn that obedience IS the very best way, but who am I kidding? He's a five-and-a-half-year-old boy and has already tried climbing on the piano "because he didn't have anything else fun to do." That's my boy!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

It's not their fault!!!

Yesterday, Jerry came up with a very ingenious theory on why mosquitoes bite. Not knowing the difference between the male and female of the species, Jerry has devised a very logical explanation. I told him that only the little mosquitoes bite so the kids would stop freaking out at the large male mosquito on our bathroom wall. 

So, what is Jerry's reason?

Here it is.... (drum roll, please)

The little mosquitoes do the biting because they haven't grown up yet like their parents and so they don't know any better.

Well, now you know why the little mosquitoes do all the blood sucking. Have a great day!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reply to comment on "Local Church Bible Publishers"

This morning we received the following comment on a post we published in January titled Local Church Bible Publishers.

Todd said...

"braided for broided hair" ? If you try to reach children with the Gospel by speaking 1611 KJV English to them you will seem like a foreigner. This is the same kind of thinking that kept people in darkness in the Roman Catholic Church "Latin the holy language". Praise GOD some clear thinking men risked their lives to put GOD'S WORD into the then common language. I hope that we would study Greek and Hebrew and continue to bring GOD'S WORD to the common people in the common language. Remember it says "the common people heard him gladly".
I do want to say that I appreciate the cordial way in which Todd disagreed with us. However, I do wish to share my rebuttal since most people will likely never see the comment on the post in question. 

Blogger The Loveless Family said...

Todd, I appreciate your comment and I agree that we need to have God's Word for the common people. However, that is where we part ways. You see, the Auhtorized Version is written in a language common man can understand. Yes, some words are seldom used anymore,and the meaning of others have changed (i.e. gay) but that is where education comes in.

Also, you must realize that often the more "modern" term does not convey the whole meaning of a word. Not one of my children were born speaking the English language, they learned it. And they are also learning "the King's" English.

Another aspect that you have overlooked is the fact that God's Word is spiritually discerned. One may, without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, be able to understand some intellectual concepts of Scripture, but never the Truths of Scripture.

Unsaved man needs only to understand one thing... "Ye must be born again." And only the Holy Spirit can help them to understand that.

The English language has not changed sufficiently to warrant a new version. If the day comes that it has changed so much so that the Truths of God's Word are no longer available to the common man, then God will raise up more men to translate it. Until then, we must educate our children in the use of a dictionary that surprisingly enough still lists those supposed archaic words.

Thank you for giving me a chance to explain myself more clearly. I do have one more thing to suggest:

Study the modern English versions prayerfully and let me know if you find ONE that agrees 100% with the AV and has not changed God's doctrines in some way. I would rather have my children use a dictionary to find out that "broided" means braided than to have them taught a false doctrine. May God bless your search for the Truth.

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