Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just Everyday Life

Well, today was an exciting day. The toilet we use at my father-in-law's broke. We spent the week plunging and plunging and plunging. There wasn't any clogs and the water would fill up and swirl, but never go down properly. Dad figured it was time for an upgrade. So today Keith installed the new, better toilet. We can flush again!!! Jerry got to be Daddy's "go-fer." I love the look on his face when he feels like he's actually helping Daddy.

While Kaylee was having a nap, Josie was sitting alone on the couch, so I went over and asked her what she would like to talk about. I'd never actually sat down with her for the soul purpose of conversing one-on-one before. We chit-chatted for a while about things that are important to a three-year-old girl -- things she liked do, things she liked to play with, and of course her favorite subject, Uncle Cory. Uncle Cory is the kids adopted Uncle (Keith's good friend) and Josie believes that she will marry Uncle Cory, when she grows up big "If God says says I can" (Josie's words).

I never realized how important it was for her to have Mommy just sit and talk. We've always made sure to take time alone with each child as often as we can. Josie and I have gone thrift store shopping together, baked cookies together, made dinner, we've done dished and cleaned, but I can't ever remember just talking. When I said I had to get back to work, she thanked me and asked if we could have a talk another day. Lord willing, she will always feel that way!

Kaylee had a big day too! I went looking for her when I found her in the bathroom trying to take her sleepers off. She needed to go potty. She had already put her seat on the loo, and after I helped her with her PJ's and helped her up, she did the rest herself , including putting her pull-up back on. This is the first time she took it on herself to go to the potty, and she stayed dry! Now if we can just make this a habit.

You know how kids say thing funny? Well, here are a few things the kids have said recently:

Josie, "Kaylee used to be the yiddlest (littlest,) but now she the toddlerest in the whole family!"

Jerry, "I don't like music anymore, it ignores (annoys) me." (He changed his mind about music very quickly after that.)

On the way to Walmart today, Kaylee dosed off, and so when we went in, she laid her head on the cart handle. She then said very emphatically, "Yights. Out!" I guess she figured everyone in Walmart should give her the courtesy of darkness while she napped.

Have a great day in the House of the Lord tomorrow. God bless. Keep on a prayin'!