Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Living Word

I just finished reading a post about the Bible at "This Is The Day."  I would encourage you to read it. You will be blessed.

Just today, while driving, Keith and I were talking about this very thing in regards to our children. A little over a year ago, the Lord placed some dear friends in our life that helped to strengthen our faith and stand in the King James Bible. It was the only Bible we used, but popular opinion had placed some doubts in our mind as to whether it was THE Word of God or just the best version available in English. At that time we decided to read through the Bible in 90 days. About the time we started into Leviticus, we decided that it would be good for our kids to hear God's Word each night. I know what your thinking, Leviticus? Are you nuts?! Actually, we were shocked at what happened. Jerry stopped having severe nightmares (which he had nightly), the kids slept more peacefully, and Jerry would ask questions about what the sacrifices meant. We realized that it wasn't because of the words (that is, the passages) we were reading, but because the Word was alive. (John 1:1) God's Word will not return void.

Today, Jerry and I were discussing his behaviour. I asked him what God would want him to do. He answered me by quoting Ephesians 6:1. Then I asked him if God was pleased with the way he was treating others and he said, "No, because God said, 'Be ye kind one to another tenderhearted forgiving one another.'" I didn't even know he knew the second verse. I then asked him what he was going to do about it and he decided to be a servant of God, his behaviour did an about face!

I can lecture my kids until I'm blue in the face and most often all I accomplish is that they're bored and I'm frustrated. In time, they will obey, but it is a superficial obedience. What we desire is a change of heart. Keith and I decided that we are going to make a point of addressing behaviours with more Scripture. "Train them up in the way they should go." Didn't Jesus say that HE is the Way? And doesn't John 1:1 teach that Christ is the Word? That's not to say that our kids obey each and every time, but we are striving to instill in them a faith in God's Authority.  To obey us, their parents, is to obey God.

Kids are not stupid. If we water down God's Word for them and tell them that their story book is a Bible, if we expose them to a variety of "versions", and if we put God's Word out of their grasp...  Should we be surprised when they grow up to view God in the same diluted, confused way?  How foolish to think that children can't understand God's Word.

Let me ask you this, "Were your children born understanding English? No. they understood you. They learned your language by hearing you speak it. They learned the definitions and context of words by hearing them spoken and explained. Maybe, just maybe, the reason we have a generation that has trouble reading the King James Bible is because they never heard Mom and Dad speak it enough. Many times, Jerry or Josie will stop us to ask about a word or passage. We do our best to explain it to them and they are learning the English of the King James Bible.

Also, don't forget that God's Word is spiritually discerned. One day, by God's grace each of our children will be convicted of their sinful hearts and repent, choosing to place their faith in God. Meanwhile, we seek to fill them with an awe and respect of Scripture. A wise lady gave me this advice... "The biggest piece of advice I have for parents is...make sure God is real to your kids, that the Bible is real history, not 'Bible stories' That they see God working in your life, every day through the good and the bad, that they see you turn to God in prayer and through his word for every decision." (I hope you don't mind me quoting you, Deb.)

How does the Holy Spirit speak to us most often? Is it not by the Word of God? Well, why not give our children as much of the Word as we can. This way, when they are convicted of their sinful hearts and turn to God for salvation, the Holy Spirit will need only to add spiritual understanding to their knowledge. One day we will not be there to guide our children, but the Word of God will be with them forever.

God's Word is alive and has been preserved in its inerrant entirety in the King James Bible. God IS the Word and the Word IS God. If God says that we need to have the faith of a child, then why do we think He would give us a Bible that a child could not understand. If you have never tried reading straight from the Bible to your children, try it. If we miss a night because we're too tired to read, our 4-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter beg us for it. I have tried reading other stories, but they almost always want the Bible after the story is read.

Today, two Scripture verses that Jerry had somehow memorized did more to correct his behaviour than anything I could say. "The proof is in the pudding." Today we are encouraged to give our babies' momma's milk, to give them organic food, to give them fresh air free from toxins, to give them natural fibers, to give them the purest and best of everything. Although, we can't always do this, I think most parents would like to. But how is it that we miss this when it comes to the Bread of Life? Why not give them the pure Word of God, free from toxic errors?

I would love to hear some examples of what God's Word has done for your child or a child you know. God bless. Keep on a prayin'!


HOPE said...

This is an OUTSTANDING post! Congratulations on all well said and conveying such an important message of the King James Bible but also our children.

I agree that conviction comes by the WORD of GOD when used to correct our children. They must know that they not only disobeyed the parent, but GOD!

My children now all grown...tell me, the SCRIPTURES always come back to them, that were taught when they were growing up and how THANKFUL they are for that.

AMEN..GOD's WORD does NOT return void..it does accomplish what it was sent to do!

Thank you also for the encouraging words concerning my post.

God bless all your endeavors in service to the LORD's work.


Deborah said...

Great post Julie!
My words of advice come from experience....too often we assumed that our children knew we were praying for them or depending on the Lord for direction....we didn't always include them in that prayer time, or share those burdens with them.
I once saw a wonderful example of a mom who showed her children how to take every need to the Lord. Her little girl came to her with a hurt finger. Immediately the mom bowed her head as she held her daughter's hand, and asked the Lord to help her to feel better. It was a very small thing, but what better way to teach a child to got to the Lord with all of their needs, than to start with every little need throughout the day. That example stayed with me.