Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Morning.....


That feels better! The other day I read about "Mama Fits." Well, this morning I'm having one!

First, Jerry woke us up out a deep and wonderful sleep just before 5 a.m.

Next, while trying to salvage the last few moments of precious rest, we have to drag ourselves out of bed to deal with kids who decided not to wait until breakfast to eat and had dumped a whole bag of shredded cheese on the bed.

Thankfully, Daddy graciously cleaned up and took care of the discipline, while sending me to "cool down" while I get showered and dressed.

After the shower I'm met at the door by a barrage of: "Momma can we have a drink." "Momma, I need you to get me some clothes." "Momma, I'm hungry."

So, I give the kids a lecture about patience, tell them to sit on the couch and then I go to get breakfast ready. Pancakes... the kids love 'em. Who doesn't?

Of course, Josie decided to help with breakfast. Note: I do not function well in the morning especially when woke up by a monster (oops, I mean, child). And it probably would have been wise not to allow a three-year-old to help me make pancakes.

After several more interruptions... the pancakes are done.

Now what! No syrup. Putting the pancakes in the oven to warm, I mixed up a batch of cheater pancake syrup.

Finally, a nice warm, buttery stack of pancakes....

Just as I was ready to sit down a nervous looking hubby looks over and says, "Honey, Something tastes different, try this."

I tried a bite of his pancake and promptly spewed it out... Baking Soda!

Then I looked over at Jerry who was looking like he was wanted to hurl, yet, knowing better than to spit out his food. (especially after the trouble he'd already caused) I gave him permission and he ran through the house yelling for a drink! Justice is served!

Finally, I make a new stack of even fluffier pancakes... And its now 10:30.

We have to leave in two days and as usual, I'm up to my elbows in laundry and suitcases. God bless my husband for his patience and willingness to help his unorganized wife. While all of this was going on Keith cleaned two bedrooms did two loads of laundry and typed out two sermons.

After breakfast,we had devotions, Proverbs 14:29, "He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly." "Lord, help me be of great understanding..."

If you've been reading "The Duties of Parents" by John C. Ryle, I posted it first. So, just scroll down to the next post or click here. I've much preferred the writings of godly men from times past to the modern, watered down stuff you find today.

God bless. Keep on a prayin'!


Skye said...

LOL That was very fun to read :)...I'm so sorry you had a rough morning though. :/ After reading your post I am suddenly hungry for dumb pancakes. LOL I hope the rest of your day was better! :) <3


Aliene said...

How I remember those days of seemingly mass confusion with the children. You do make me hungry for pancakes. Have a good day.

Kristy Quinn said...

Don't feel bad... I did the same thing to pancakes a couple of weeks ago *blushing* They were awful. It was one of the few times my children had my permission not to eat part of their breakfast lol

Andrea said...

I have had the very same morning today, thank you.

HOPE said...

What talent you have at writing..I loved this and could PICTURE it all as it happened!

My girlfriends and I at age 11 made wonderful LOOKING cookies for the neighborhood boys..when they ate them they all gagged..eww and spit them out..we were horrified..then the dog vomited..

unknowingly we ALL put in the baking soda! eeks..

So I can sympathize with this story.

Thanks for sharing..