Friday, February 26, 2010

What we've been up to...

We spent some time with Victory Baptist Church in Kenora, ON recently.  On Friday night, they provided a babysitter for the kids and we got to go out for dinner with some of the couples from church. It was the first time in a VERY long time that we got out without the kids!

Then on Monday, we joined the church for a family skate day. Well, Keith and the kids had never been on skates before and I really have never learned how to skate. Here are some pictures of the family...

Jerry is a true Canadian (half-Canadian). He's decided that he loves hockey!

Josie really took to skating. Here she's trying to copy Miss Mary's figure skating.

Here I am on skates! Some of the girls talked me into getting on the ice twice! The Lord "kept my foot from being taken" and I managed to stay upright.

Notice Keith's lack of skates! 
In his defense, he does have a bad knee. Kaylee mostly enjoyed being pushed around by everyone else.


Here's my baby and I. (Above NOT below :oB)

We also had an opportunity to attend the mission conference at Pembina Valley Baptist Church. On Thursday evening, I had the privilege of meeting Deb Bolack face-to-face. She has been such a blessing to me on her blogs and through the comments she has left me. It was nice to talk to her in person. Lord willing, we will see more of each other in the future.

Deb has a son named Jerry who is five years older than our Jerry. From what she's said they're two-peas-in-a-pod. I believe it!

It was great fellowshipping with so many brothers and sisters in Christ. 
One thing we have found on deputation is that good, King James Bible Believing churches are hard to come by. Often they are either "over-the-edge" (adding to the doctrines of the Bible) or gone the way of the world (watering down the doctrines of the Bible.) But in the last few weeks, we have attended three good, solid churches and had good fellowship with many like-minded believers. God has been doing great things in our lives. Praise the Lord!