Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jerry's Arm

Update on Jerry's arm. Well, our boy has decided that he hates casts! I spent a total of ten hours in the emerge on Friday because he took his cast off twice. The last time, the doctor on duty (who happened to be a mother) decided that a full arm cast would do the trick and so far so good!

We are going in tomorrow morning to have his arm checked again. Jerry will likely have to have surgery on his arm. The surgeon will take a more extensive x-ray to determine if its necessary. I was told that if the angle of the fracture is as it appears to be, it could result in a crippled arm and no use of his hand. The doctor explained that instead of the bone growing and healing the fracture, it would grow out the opposite side causing a bump on the bone. As Jerry grows the bump would cause his arm to grow at an angle which would render his arm useless.

Lord willing, the surgery won't be necessary. Please, keep Jerry in prayer tomorrow morning. I was assured that the surgeon is one of the best. Also, pray for us as we try to find ways to occupy a rambunctious five-year-old who can't climb, play in the sand, or do most anything that requires his right hand (he's right-handed.) "Lord, help us!"

Also, pray for our young people who are leaving in the morning for camp. Keith was supposed to take them, but he won't be leaving until Tuesday now. Pray that God will speak to them and given them strength to live for Him. It is an uncertain world they have to face and today's young people need more faith and grace than ever before.


Deborah said...

Poor Jerry! That sounds like a bad break. I just said a prayer for him...and for you!
We took Justin down to Winkler last night to stay over with a friend and then travel to camp with Pembina Valley. They should be on the road by now. I know the kids have a great time there, but more important, they're under some great preaching! We're praying too for God to work in hearts.