Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jerry's Arm and Other Things...

Good Morning, to you all! Sorry, I didn't update this the other day, it has been crazy busy around here. Jerry did not have surgery on Monday since the surgeon felt his arm seemed to be healing straight. However, he had Jerry go in yesterday for an X-ray and it looks like it may be starting to angle. The Surgeon wants Jerry back in for another X-ray in two weeks to see what is happening. Please, pray that his arm will correct itself and heal straight.

Keith got away for youth camp late in the morning yesterday. I'm trusting he arrived safely, since cell reception is non-existent where they are and no one has called looking for him. Keep the youth in prayer as they will be under some great preaching. Some of our girls have decided to sing solos in this year's competition for the first time. Keep them in prayer as they're a "little" nervous. I'm proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zone. Also, pray for Keith's sanity! It's been a few years since he was involved in the camp ministry and having three small children has worn down his nerves some since then. :o}

One more update: We still have not heard back about the property bid we made as a church last month. The bank was to have a surveyor out around the tenth of the month, but things still have not been settled. God's timing is perfect and we are still praying that He will allow us to have the property. It's a little out of town, but the property would be useful for so many ministries in the future. (including providing a retreat for those in full-time ministry) So, if you need a vacation, pray, PRAY, PRAY!!! Just kidding, although that is one of our (Keith and mine) heart desires to someday have a piece of property with a few cabins to provide a retreat for tired pastors, missionaries, and evangelists. And what better place than Kenora? Anyhow, for the present time, our greatest need is a permanent meeting place. We have to re-locate again this Sunday, because the community center is booked again. Also, they are no longer allowing us to store our equipment in the building. We have been given a trailer and Bro. Will is fixing it up for us to use, but for those of you who either do or have had to pack and unpack every service, you know how hard it is on the church. Please, please pray that God will provide something soon. We do not have a contract with the community center and so, we have no guarantee of an affordable place to meet.

Also, could you all keep us in prayer. I don't think I've blogged about this, but we have been having trouble with Canada Revenue concerning our residential status while we were on deputation. I will try and explain in more detail later, but in a nut shell: they are challenging the fact that we come from an independent church and not a national religious organization. This could mean trouble for all Independent Baptist missionaries in Canada. We have submitted the last documents and forms requested and now we wait. This could mean that we will have to pay back about $30,000 to the government and we were only gone two years. It would be worse for larger families and those who where out of country longer (longer deputation and foreign missionaries.)

Well, I'd better go and check on the kids and make sure Jerry isn't climbing or doing some other fool thing that'll result in another broken arm (which by the way, his arm is broken clean through after all.)

Have a great day, and don't forget to let God have some of your time!


Deborah said...

Hi Julie! I'm praying that Jerry's arm heals straight. He must have fallen hard to break it right through!

Also praying for teen camp...Justin is entering the preaching competition again this year. I'm not sure he knows what 'nervous' is, and I'm not sure that's a good thing!

Still praying about the property. A retreat is a wonderful idea, and I'm sure many would take you up on that offer.

Have a great week!

JTR said...

Will keep you in prayer, and that Canadian 30,000 issue! Some good friends of ours had to come back from the mission field in a similar case. Praying God has the victory and the devil won't!