Friday, August 28, 2009

Only three more sleeps!

It's so peaceful... for now. Jerry is still asleep! Except for my morning sneezes, its pretty quiet. Today, I need to get all the luggage packed and ready. It's back to living out of suitcases. Having a "home-base" has been nice. I'd much rather pack an over-night bag than luggage for five. Packing would be easier if it wasn't for week-long mission conferences. Now, don't think I'm complaining. Conferences are great! It's just that for a normal week, we only need two church outfits -- one to wear and one for back-up. We're usually only in a church for one or two services, but a conference has us in church for four to seven nights. Praise the Lord for mixing and matching! Two skirts, three blouses, and a jacket can turn into several outfits. One day I would like to try out an idea I found on the net. A lady suggested making a reversible tank-top in four colours for wearing under a blazer! Now, if I could figure out a reversible skirt, I could have eight outfits in two garments! Could you imagine the room I could have in my suitcase!? Although, Keith would probably be thinking, "Great! more choices. It already takes the woman half-an-hour to choose between two outfits!" Oh, to dream! Of course, if anyone out there is an accomplished seamstress and wishes to design such a pattern, there would be a lot of grateful missionary wives.

Jerry's awake now and standing next to me playing with some old Cd's. Kaylee's trying to do her own hair, and Josie's colouring. Kids can be so lovable when they're good! Well, there is only three more sleeps until we leave for Grandma and Poppa's. The kids are not too happy to leave Grandpa, but can't wait to see Grandma and Poppa. We haven't been home since April. The kids have changed so much, especially Kaylee. Next week is the week she leaves her crib and booster/highchair behind! More room in the van, Yeah! Now that we have more room, we got her a potty. A potty will also come in handy on those long trips between rest stops, when the kids are crying, "I just can't wait!"

Well, I better get back to packing. God bless you. Keep on a prayin'!