Monday, August 24, 2009

Makin' Aprons

Jerry is always asking me to make him something. I'm not a seamstress and there isn't much I can make a four-year-old boy. So, when Jerry woke up this morning to a new apron he was ecstatic!

I had recently made the girls smocks to wear over their Sunday dresses. Last Wednesday, Pastor and Mrs. Parton took us out to dinner and the girls managed to keep their dresses clean due to the new smocks. Jerry on the other hand... honestly, I don't think there is a four-year-old-boy alive who knows what a napkin is for! And of course, I forgot to iron the back-up clothes. Anyway, Jerry went to church with cheese quesadilla smudges on his shirt. (This only added to my shame caused by Keith and his cellphone.) So, when we got back to Dad's, I decided to try making him an apron that wouldn't insult his masculinity.

This morning, he ran into Grandpa's room sporting his new apron and then ran out only to return with it on reversed. Next, he came in and woke me up jumping up and down begging to wear it to the park today. This all happened before 6:00 am!

Well, God bless. Keep on a prayin'!


Carole said...

Awww, those are such cute smocks (and apron!) I still can't get over how tall Kaylee is!!!!