Monday, August 17, 2009

That's my girl!

Kids grow up so fast! This morning, Mommy asked Josie to pick up the dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket. After the first arm load, Josie decided it would be easier to drag the laundry hamper to the clothes. (It seemed logical to a three-year-old) When Mommy asked her whether it would be easier to just pick up the last few items and carry them to the hamper, Josie replied (with hand on hip), "But Mommy, this job's just too big. I need more arms. I'm NOT a spider, you know."

Kids are such a blessing -- well, most of the time!

Tomorrow, we head off to our next meeting with Pastor Dan Parton and Timberline Baptist Church in Manitou Springs, CO. So... today, we are trying to run the kids ragged. Lord willing, they will go to bed early tonight. They will be spending a lot of time sitting over the next four days. (Two days there, church, and then two days back) Pray for us, especially Jerry, he doesn't cotton to the idea of wearing a seat belt for four days. Oh well, this will be good practice for the week when we have to drive across country from Windham, ME to Ogden, UT.

God bless you all, keep prayin'.


Randy Casey said...

Have a great time with Pastor Dan. You will love his people. Tell them hello for me. Praying for you all. Randy Casey

Carole said...

Brother Keith and Sister Julie-
So glad you started this blog so we can keep up with you! Will we see you in Maine in October, or are you not coming up this far north? I pray that we do see you. Julie - we are praying for your Dad's recovery. God Bless you all!!

Sister Carole Tetrault
New Life Baptist Church