Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Halfway There!!

Here we are in a hotel in Salina, KS. We made it all the way here with Jerry wearing his seatbelt(at least as far as we know!!) We had great weather -- cloudy, but not raining; and the temperature stayed below 90F. God is good! Everyone except Kaylee and I (Julie) are already sleeping. These long trips are hardest on Daddy, although if you ask the kids they might have a different opinion. Maybe tomorrow Keith will let me drive?! I think my driving scares him, but what better way to increase a man's faith than to let his wife drive? Then again we are in Kansas, I don't think even I could make a wrong turn here. After all, you can see your turn hours before you get to it.
We are looking forward to a great meeting tomorrow night. I've never been to Colorado before. God bless you. Keep on a prayin'!