Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Lesson in Prayer

This last Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity of going to a ladies conference. It was a wonderful time. We had four speakers and all of their messages spoke to me. Getting to speak to two other missionary wives was also an encouragement. The day's theme was "Words." And you'd think that four women speaking about words could fill the day; but, no, they finished early enough to put me on the spot! I'm still not sure exactly what I said. This was the first time I've been asked to speak spontaniously. (I know what you're thinkin', Sis -- 'She always speaks spontaniously.' But its different when I have to speak to a group of ladies!) I'm glad that life has taught me to pray and talk at the same time! (For those of you who know me, know that for me to do ANY two things at the same time is a miracle in itself!) I was told things went well; I'm just glad the Lord does the enabling. Who am I to question His choice of tools?

During the day I kept thinking, "Lord, I just don't get why we aren't getting our support faster." When the Lord immediately said, "When was the last time you asked Me properly?" Well now, what a humbling thought. It's not that I wasn't asking. I do ask now and then and take for granted that it will happen in God's timing. But, I was missing something.

First of all, I got to thinking about how I feel when my kids ask for something while simply taking for granted that the answer is, "Yes." Those of you who are parents know what I mean. The "please may I" is simply a formality that the child knows you require, but there is no sincere question in what they are saying. It is more of a polite expectation. There is no humble plea. You see, I want my children to ask me or their father out of grateful respect, not out of an attitude that we must grant their request.

Secondly, I lacked the faith that God deserves in my prayers. You see, my faith had simmered down from an "I beleive God can and will get us to the field in a timely fashion inspite of the recession" to "Well, we're in a recession right now and have to expect that it will take longer to get our support, but God will give it to us in time." You see, deputation is many things -- a time of growing and learning, a time of blessing others and being blessed, a time of trying and testing -- but it is also a buffer zone for the missionary's wife. I have left the comfort of my home and family and survived, but the fear of being a church-planter's wife looms in the distance. If deputation takes a few years, well... maybe I'll me more ready for what lies ahead. That is not the faith that God deserves! God CAN and I believe WILL get us to the field in a miraculous way, and the same God WILL equip me for what lies ahead. God doesn't deserve our expressions of patronizing faith, He deserves our humble and sincere faith. Notice I didn't say great faith? No amount of faith on our part can be considered great; I'm just glad that God takes ANY amount of faith and uses it.

Well now, what was I to do? I sought forgiveness and asked God to have one church take us on this week. (my initial prayer was that it would be the next day, but we had no meetings booked for Sunday, so my faith was too small and I changed it to this next week.) Isn't God is good! The next day, which was Sunday, we finally got a connection to the internet. And wouldn't you know it? The answer was already sent before I asked! First Baptist Church of Steinbach, Manitoba has joined our supporting churches! Now, I now we're Baptists and all, but doesn't that make you want to shout!? (I said, 'want to', I know we wouldn't actually do it:)

We've had a wonderful time visiting our New Life "family" in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. It is always a blessing to be here. Tomorrow we leave for Windham, Maine for a mission conference. Please keep the meetings in prayer. Monday, we leave for a five-day trip to Utah. Again, please pray for us. Five days of travel listening to, "Mommie, I need to go to the restroom. How many miles is it? How close are we? Are we really close, sort of really close, or is still far away? Are we ever going to get there? I want a book. I want to watch a movie. I need a drink. I need to go again. Now, I need to go really bad. I just can't wait to go. You'd better wait, we're almost at a rest stop. Mommie, I'm wet....." God give us grace!

Have a good week everyone and don't forget... God bless you. Keep on a prayin'!