Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Road Trip!!! -- The Glorious Side of Deputation!?

I have always thought it would be fun to take a road trip from east to west. I just never thought it would be in a packed van with three small children and with a sinus infection. I also envisioned it taking more than five days! We've made it half-way and tomorrow we leave Missouri to make the rest of the trip.

I am reminded of the Apostle Paul when he listed the trials of affliction he went through. In 2 Corinthians 11:26 Paul lists "In journeyings often..." Yep, its right there folks! Although we've never been beaten, or shipwrecked, or left for dead; we can identify with the Apostle Paul. And he didn't have kids! Take heart travelling missionaries (and evangelists) we too can glory in our infirmities with the help of a gracious God.

Do you know what my supportive husband said to me this evening? He had the audacity to tell me that I'm not allowed to get sick. Now his reasoning for this wasn't out of concern for me. He said I'm not allowed to get sick because I have to take care of the kids (who seem to be coming down with whatever it is that I've got.) Now how does a godly, submissive wife like me (Hey now, Sis, I know what you're thinking) obey my husband in this? Really!! Just kidding. Actually, this same tyrant also ordered me to bed for three hours this afternoon. Praise the Lord for a good man.

This morning, I learned a valuable lesson in motherhood. Never, and I repeat NEVER, give a child a strawberry drink and vitamins on an empty stomach! Unless, of course, you would like to change the color of your couch to red. Yuck!

Seriously though, please pray for good health for us all as we head into a very busy time of conferences and meetings. Keith is beginning to feel run down today and he definitely can't get sick (now who's the tyrant?) Thank you for your prayers, we are truly looking forward to our time in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. God has blessed us in so many ways that it would take up too much time to list them all. I believe that God has something special for us in the West. God bless you. Keep on a 'prayin!