Saturday, October 31, 2009

"The Value of One Soul"

"The Value Of One Soul"
by Julie Loveless
What value do you give to just one soul lost?
How oft' do you stop to consider the cost?
The cost of what one soul is worth to you
Is made quite clear by what you're willing to do.
The value you place on one soul to live;
Is set by what you are willing to give.
Is a soul worth a coffee, a candy bar, a dinner?
What will you sacrifice to reach one lost sinner?
Are you willing to sacrifice your comfort, your pride?
What is it worth? For that sinner Christ died!
What if this question was asked of another
And the one lost soul was your sister or brother?
What then would you say is the worth of that soul?
Would you plead with that one to give silver or gold?
But wait! That lost soul is a sister or brother
It's a son or a daughter, a father, a mother.
And what if others gave the same way as you?
Would the lost souls won be many or few?
So, what is the value of just one soul lost?
The same value as yours -- Christ's blood is the cost!