Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trip to Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

Deja 'vu! (Don't shoot me if I spelt that wrong.) While in Moab, Utah we found out why we felt like we've seen it before -- many old westerns have been filmed in the area. We've stepped on the same soil as John Wayne!
While staying in Moab, we had a chance to see Arches National Park. Here are some of the pictures:
This is the veiw heading into the park.
This formation is called "The Three Gossips."

The girls "hanging out" while the boys hike to the "Balanced Rock."

Jerry resting on his two-hour hike with Daddy to view the "Delicate Arch."

This is part of the trail they hiked!

If I had known what the trail was like, I would NEVER have let Jerry go.

Victory! The guys at the "Delicate Arch."

I can't remember what these formations were called, but I thought they were interesting.
This is from the "Windows" section of the park.
Doesn't this one look like an elephant?
More pictures....
...and more pictures.

Isn't Moab beautiful!