Friday, November 6, 2009

"Choose you this day.."

The theme of the 2009 mission conference at Anchor Baptist Church was Joshua 24:15, "...Choose you this day..." Although we didn't realize it on the first day, Keith wore his tie that completes the verse with, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." We had a wonderful time. Keith and the other missionaries wore army fatigue jackets and the pastor, staff, and others wore different military garb. The church was decorated in military style. We had four missionaries in total representing the fields of the Brazil; Kenya; the city of Vancouver, British Columbia; and, of course, Northern Manitoba.

It was especially encouraging for us to meet another missionary to Canada. Oh, that God would call more men to the often over-looked field of Canada! Excuse me. What I should say is, that the men whom God is calling would surrender and go, for God is calling. He would not command us to "go into all the world" if He didn't have a way to do it. Fellow Canadians, do your research! Less than 240 Independent Baptist Churches to spread the Gospel in the second largest nation geographically?!! And not all of these are true Bible-believers. Can it be done? Can our Judea be reached in time? YES! If everyone who has been blessed with salvation consecrates themselves to join the cause of Christ. May God forgive us for our neglect and may He keep the door of opportunity open before it is too late.

The ladies of Anchor Baptist spoiled me rotten! I was given a gift every night, and was given the chance to go shopping just for me! I did feel a "little" guilty and so I spent a few dollars on new knee socks for the girls. I was truly encouraged. God is good!

We have three more meetings in the Wonderful West. This truly is God's country! The West has everything from evergreen forests, to desert, to mountains, to coniferous forests. The sun is ever shining and the sky is blue, sooo blue! Yet, the spiritual darkness is great! The need in the Western United States is very similar to the need in Canada. Truly, the need is great everwhere in the world. Join Up! Go, give, and pray!

Have a great day! God bless. Keep on a prayin!