Thursday, November 12, 2009

God Always Has What I Need!

Today was one of those days! Picture your worst day as a parent and then imagine taking it on the road. Yep, missionaries have those days too. The day ended with all three kids bouncing of the walls of the van and Momma sitting in the front seat having a good cry while Daddy tried to save face and pack up the display. We got back to the hotel and tried to shove some food down the kids' throats and get ready to leave in the morning. Just when I thought I couldn't take it any more, things got quiet. First Josie fell asleep, then Kaylee, and moments later Jerry joined them in the land of dreams.

In order to unwind, I was looking online and found this video. God bless the one who put it together. A simple thing like a good chuckle can help set the world right. Enjoy!

Wasn't that great!? We did have a good meeting tonight, and God blessed. Tomorrow (today in the east) we head to Casper, WY to stay for a couple days before our next meeting. Please keep us in prayer all day. It's supposed to snow and we have about 5-6 hours to drive through mountains and plains. Lord willing, the Creator will hold back the snow until we get there. If not, may he answer Jerry's prayer that the snow will only fall on the grass and mountaintops, so Daddy won't have to drive on slippery roads. Thank you. God bless. Keep on a prayin'!


Deborah said...

Somehow I missed this before...It was so funny....but then I'm not the one living it!
I'm not a missionary so have no idea what you go through, but I'm so thankful that you've answered God's call to come to Manitoba. I'm praying that as you travel around talking about our province, the Lord will burden other hearts to come here too....a little further south would be good! ;0P