Tuesday, November 24, 2009

God's Miracles

Have you ever had a time when something was said, maybe it wasn't even said to you, but you heard it and just couldn't get it out of your head? This happened to me the other day. We were driving to church when Jerry yelled out excitedly from the back seat, "Momma, I just saw one of God's miracles!" I can't even remember exactly what he saw. It had something to do with a turkey balloon and the wind!? (Jerry's four-going-on-five.) Regardless, I just haven't been able to shake that statement.

Everyday, God does wonderful, amazing things all around us and we just keep on going like it was nothing. Young children see things differently. I suppose that's one of the reasons we've been admonished to have faith like a child. Jerry often marvels over things that seem so everyday to me. I was reading in the Psalms to the kids a few nights ago when Jerry just couldn't get over the fact that God, the Almighty God, wants to be his God too. I remember last Easter when Jerry found a little purple flower growing in the middle of a huge field. He wondered that the Creator of the Universe put that little flower right there for him to enjoy. This morning, he said he was so thankful that God helped him to sleep all night long. Every day brings some new revelation to strengthen his faith in the I AM.

Recently, we have seen many of God's miracles. God has healed my father's irregularly high heart rate, surprising the doctors, and giving us reason to rejoice. We have driven many thousands of kilometers through mountains, valleys, plains, desert, etc... and have not had one accident. God has spared us from the more serious flu viruses going around. The list goes on.

Everyday God puts miracles -- not chance circumstances, not coincidences -- but MIRACLES in our lives. How often do we recognize them? Big things like miraculous healings, well, those are the ones we can't wait until testimony time to share. For some reason, we often convince ourselves that "big" miracles are a sign of God's approval on our lives. Yet, we diminish the importance of what we consider "little blessings" as inconsequential. Even when we do value them, we are embarrassed to share them because it seems childish to think of such things as miracles. Consider this -- ALL of God's miracles are for the simple reason of bringing glory to GOD. Don't be afraid to share them.

Let me ask you this, "What is a miracle?" This may seem over simplified, but -- miracles are something only God can do. It took no more of God's power to heal my dad than it did to put a little blue flower in a field in just the right spot for a little boy to learn that God cares about him. It takes the same power to save a sinful soul from Hell that it does to keep you breathing.

"Momma, I just saw one of God's miracles!" Have you seen a miracle lately? God bless you. Keep on a prayin'!


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Julie Loveless said...

Sorry, Deborah. I didn't receive your first comment. Thank you for the song. God bless.