Saturday, December 26, 2009

Even so, Lord, come!

I was just looking at some articles about Religious freedom in Canada. I would like to share them with you.

First, I would like to point out some articles about the religious education of children. Please take time to read these articles.

The following article disturbs me. I understand that it's written expressly for the purpose of organized public, private, and religious schools, but maybe the problem isn't who should be funded, but who's responsibility is it to educate children?

I found this one last week after hearing on the TV news about a girl who was ordered to put her Bible in away in her back-pack by her teacher in a public school. I realize that these situations occurred in the USA, but Canada has already lost this battle. So, Americans, look and see what's coming to your country:

Why would any Bible-believing Christian choose to put their child into Satan's territory to be educated? In Communist countries one of the first steps to total persecution is the state school system. If they can indoctrinate our children they can turn them against us and God. Why put your child into the midst of persecution and indoctrination? We are losing our freedoms faster than you think. Our kids WILL face heavy persecution even IF we don't. Why put them in the middle of it before its necessary? Why not spend their early years equipping them for the time when they will stand before a Godless society without Dad and Mom there to hold their hand? I realize this is going to anger some who read it, but it is time God's people asked themselves some very serious questions! Are we serious about our beliefs? Are we willing to be persecuted for them? Are we willing to give our children to God's will and trust Him to use them for His glory AND to equip us to raise them? What would you do if any of the persecutions in the next article happened to you?

Christian Horizons is a Christian Organization that provides various types of group homes for disabled Canadians. This Group has been put under persecution for firing one of their employees who violated the code she agreed to when taking the job. She "came out of the closet." Previously, a private organization has had the freedom to run itself according to religious beliefs. Recently, Christian Horizons has faced a court case to appeal a previous court decision. Read it for yourself:

What is going to happen if they lose this case? What next? Churches? How much are we willing to give up?

As 2009 winds down, ponder your past freedoms and what you are willing to do without in the future. Will we still be free to serve the One and True God? This should not be viewed as a horrifying time in history. I believe that God has chosen us and our children to take part in the last days. Its exciting! Know that God is in control. He created us and our children for a purpose. Be encouraged to take a stand, not just in theory, but in reality. Even so Lord, come!

God bless. Keep on a prayin'!


Keith and Julie Loveless said...

Oops! I made a couple of typo's on the web links. They're fixed now, so, if you had trouble accessing the articles, please, read them now.