Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Communities Needing Bible-Believing Churches

As we travel, we find many communities across North America that are in need of a good Bible-believing, Independent Baptist church. I would like to compile a list of these communities in both Canada and the USA. We would like to ask you to help. If you know of a community that has such a need please let us know at We are especially interested in communities that do not have a good IFB, Bible-believing church within reasonable driving distance. Maybe you know of someone who lives in such a community who is praying for a good church to attend. So many thousands of communities do not have even one good church within driving distance. These folks need the Gospel and good, biblical discipleship.

We can find many lists and directories online that list existing churches, but very few that address the lack of churches. Lord willing, men will answer the call to go to one of these communities. We have a tremendous opportunity on deputation to share the need with churches across North America. It is our prayer that men will have the faith to go to a community that has no good witness. God bless. Keep on a prayin'!


Jennifer said...

God bless you for your love of the lord and his ministry:)

Deborah said...

Hi Julie, Your email link didn't work, so I thought I'd just comment here.
I am thrilled that you are making this list! As you probably already know, there are many communities in Manitoba that have no IFB church, and some that claim to be Baptist have no stand on the Bible, or their doctrine is off kilter. For anyone who may feel called to Manitoba, but not know the exact location....when looking at cities, it's important to look deeper than just the name on the have to check their doctrinal statement to know where they really stand. I think some cities are overlooked because after a superficial look, it's determined, "Oh, they already have a an independant baptist church."

As far as a list goes...I could name every small town I know, along the trans Canada highway from Ontario to Saskatchewan, but I'll stick with a city with a higher population - Brandon, Manitoba
Check it out, or email me, and I'll tell you about it. It's where we moved FROM, and where most of my family lives.
debbolack at

HOPE said...

Can you post the list so that we can not only pray about this...but pray for ourselves and God's call perhaps to one of us.

God bless

Keith and Julie Loveless said...

Thank you for your burden, Hope. I will start posting a list today. Unfortunately, I've only had one response, so I will have to do more research on my own. There are so many. Canada needs more Bible-believing churches. God bless.