Monday, January 4, 2010

A Daughter's Love

Yesterday, Keith and I had the flu. I just couldn't get warm no matter how many layers of micro-fleece I had on. Once, I asked Josie (3 1/2) to cuddle up, thinking a nice warm hug might help. She willingly gave me a hug, but then bolted away. I asked her what was wrong. This is what she said, "Mommy, you smell like a dead potato chip!" This was made funnier by the expression of sheer horror on her face! I'm still not sure what a dead potato chip smells like, I didn't think I smelled that bad. Although, I was pretty stuffed up. Well, the Good Book says that laughter doeth good like a medicine. Today I am feeling much better, more like a bad head cold. I guess I'll have to depend on Kaylee to be my nurse from now on. God bless. Keep on a prayin'.


Deborah said...

That was so funny! I too was wondering what a dead potato chip might smell like....not good I guess!

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment and encouragement on my blog:) Hope you have a wonderful day and God bless you!!