Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Favorite "Baby Jerry" Pics

I was looking at some of Jerry's baby pictures this morning and thought I would share some of our favourites.

"Sleep, Baby, Sleep."

"Look, Momma, I can lift the playpen with my butt!"
This is what we call Jerry's "Billy Sunday" picture.

"Junior Pastor of Forest City Baptist Church"

"One too many bottles!"

"Wha's up my peeps!?"

"Come on, Poppa, I'll race you to the pulpit!"

Jerry's first "real" laugh.

A "Loveless" head is good for something!

And our all time favourite picture of "Little" Jerry, lookin' an aweful lot like his great Uncle Donny.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll share some "Josie" pics.
Have a great day! God bless. Keep on a prayin'!


Deborah said...

Very cute!

HOPE said...

Precious pics!

I read your loving comment on Ms. Kelly Johnson's blog and cried. THANK YOU for the comment you left her, that will truly uplift her during this time. AND for I wait on my pathology report. We know GOD's hand is in this and with us all the way..and her song on the blog says..WE BELIEVE TO SEE..THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD.

I praise GOD for blessing your mom with the desires of her heart..