Friday, January 22, 2010

Sock Monkeys

A few days ago, I saw the cutest sock monkeys on "A Creative Heart." Here's a link:

Since I love making things that don't have an actual pattern, I just had to make some for the kids. Here they are:

The first one is "Miss Mollie" she belongs to Kaylee. Next is "Socko," Jerry's cheeky new friend. And last, but not least is "Miss Millie", Miss Mollie's big sister. Tomorrow,I just have a little tweaking to do and need to make some clothes. I was thinking skirts and scarves for the girls and a Sheriff's vest for Socko. I'm not sure who is having the most fun with them, the kids or me!

Never get too old to have fun! God bless. Keep on a prayin'!


HOPE said...

soooo CUTE!!!! I agree...they are soo much fun to make. I'm so glad you decided to make some. I even received SOCKS for a birthday gift today!! I love them...can't wait to make some more.

and..they each take on a personality all their own for each child...well, some adults too..I had to keep my Ms. Lily for myself!

HOPE (and thank you for the link so others can visit my blog)

Deborah said...

Those are so cute! I'm not a crafty person at all!