Monday, February 15, 2010

Funny Jerry and Josie Quotes

(The kids found a sealed panel on the wall in our hotel room. We figure it has something to do with the water pipes for the bathroom, but they think its a secret tunnel.)

Josie: "Mommy, I've got a new rule."
Mommy: "What new rule?"
Josie: "No one is allow to bang on the secret door."
Mommy: "Why not?"
Josie: "I think that its Heaven behind it."
Mommy: "You do? Well, what will happen if someone bangs on it?"
Josie: "Yes, its Heaven and if someone bangs on it, God might take them to Heaven and they won't be here anymore."

Of course, we had a good conversation about Heaven and that 1. It is NOT behind a secret door and 2. IF God did take one of us to Heaven it would be a good thing and she wouldn't need to be sad about it.

....Now for a Jerry quote which took place this morning after deciding that he had enough of his apple and wanted a cookie.

Daddy: "Why didn't you finish your apple?"
Jerry: "The apple side of my belly is all full, but the cookie side is empty."

What logic!?

 Oh... Some potty-training news:

Kaylee actually told me when she needed to go "poo" this morning and went in the toilet!! I know what your thinking, "Eeeewww!" But for a Momma that is something to praise the Lord for!!!! Hallelujah, we're one step closer to NO MORE changing bottoms!!!!!


HOPE said...

I LOVE little kid quotes! So innocent.

When one of my boys stopped wetting diapers..he exclaimed one day..after I said GOOD BOY.... PRAISE THE LORD in his sweet voice!

Pwaize De Load...

Love your first pic!


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

So very cute~thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Children are so cute! I love my little brothers and sisters. They make life so interesting.

Sharon said...

I love to hear little children's conversations. So adorable!