Tuesday, February 16, 2010

O, Canada


O Canada!!!

At the moment, I'm enjoying a Tim Hortons coffee! Oh, how I've missed you, Timmie! You were there the first time my husband held my hand and we talked of our up coming wedding. You're "Ice Caps" kept me sane while I was expecting our first daughter. You accompanied my son and I on our first "Mommy and Son" date. Oh, the delectable donuts you offer.... vanilla dip, old fashion glaze, double chocolate, fruit filled, powdered, and occasionally toasted coconut. Your muffins have no equal. 


Best of all... is a large coffee. Regular, please! 

For our American friends:
When ordering a coffee in Canada a regular is NOT a black coffee or a coffee on a high fiber diet!
Regular: one cream, one sugar
Double double: two creams, two sugars
Triple Triple: I think you get it
Or you can order: black, cream no sugar, or sugar no cream!


Aliene said...

Hmmm! What would two creams and 1 splenda be called? We don't get coffee from coffee shops~make ours at home. I never thought about anything but "give it to me straight" which means nothing in it. The best way at home is "fix it yourself." Especially for me so I can sneak a little more cream in it.

Deborah said...

I guess I'm not a very good Canadian...I love the smell of Tim Horton's coffee, but I can't drink the stuff...but then I'm one of those people who drinks coffee black...NO cream, NO sugar.
I am hooked on ice caps in the summer though....I'm not sure what I'll do now that sugar isn't on my diet!