Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Girls

These are our girls, Kaylee and Jocelyn. Recently, they have discovered that they are best friends. Although, they both still adore Big Brother!

Josie is our helper. As Big Sissy, she tends to be a little too much of a helper sometimes... "Mom, Jerry just... Kaylee isn't... I will do whatever you say, even if I don't want to, 'cause I love you."  Sound familiar? Although a middle child, she is also the big sister... a dangerous combination! She is sweet and a practical joker. Watch out for the quiet ones! Josie loves purple, "Beary", and her Uncle Cory. She inherited Grandma's organizational skills and my little sister's "Blondness" (Sorry, Jo... but we all know its true!) and her Daddy's personality. She is most like Keith -- Daddy's girl!

Kaylee is little, but mighty. As the baby, she feels the whole world was created for her benefit. Although, she is very quickly finding out that life doesn't work that way. No matter how hard she tries, she just can't keep up with her Brother and Sissy. Playing one moment and zzzzzzzzzz the next.

When we 're at Grandpa's house the kids have their own room. When the girls have an emotional tantrum, they can go to their room, until they calm down. Well, there just isn't a private place in a hotel, so when Kaylee didn't get her way at lunch she disappeared to the bathroom. She put down the lid of the toilet and sat there having a good cry. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Angry." When asked why she was angry, she responded "Want cookie." Apparently, she didn't think that it was fair that she should have to eat lunch first. Well, after the tears dried up and she was more reasonable (isn't that like most women), she went back and finished her lunch.

Happy Valentines! Don't forget to keep the Mc Crum family in prayer. (Read our last post) God bless. Keep on a prayin'!


Anonymous said...

Oh Julie, your girls are adorable! I loved reading this post. Of course it's probably because I have girls too and felt like I was there with you. lol Happy Valentines Day! <3

Jennifer said...

Oh..your girls are so sweet:) and thank you for the well wishes on my blog!!

Deborah said...

They are so cute! I hope we get to meet up with you all this week!

Jennifer said...

How cute! Children are precious.

Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. How is deputation going?