Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reply to comment on "Local Church Bible Publishers"

This morning we received the following comment on a post we published in January titled Local Church Bible Publishers.

Todd said...

"braided for broided hair" ? If you try to reach children with the Gospel by speaking 1611 KJV English to them you will seem like a foreigner. This is the same kind of thinking that kept people in darkness in the Roman Catholic Church "Latin the holy language". Praise GOD some clear thinking men risked their lives to put GOD'S WORD into the then common language. I hope that we would study Greek and Hebrew and continue to bring GOD'S WORD to the common people in the common language. Remember it says "the common people heard him gladly".
I do want to say that I appreciate the cordial way in which Todd disagreed with us. However, I do wish to share my rebuttal since most people will likely never see the comment on the post in question. 

Blogger The Loveless Family said...

Todd, I appreciate your comment and I agree that we need to have God's Word for the common people. However, that is where we part ways. You see, the Auhtorized Version is written in a language common man can understand. Yes, some words are seldom used anymore,and the meaning of others have changed (i.e. gay) but that is where education comes in.

Also, you must realize that often the more "modern" term does not convey the whole meaning of a word. Not one of my children were born speaking the English language, they learned it. And they are also learning "the King's" English.

Another aspect that you have overlooked is the fact that God's Word is spiritually discerned. One may, without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, be able to understand some intellectual concepts of Scripture, but never the Truths of Scripture.

Unsaved man needs only to understand one thing... "Ye must be born again." And only the Holy Spirit can help them to understand that.

The English language has not changed sufficiently to warrant a new version. If the day comes that it has changed so much so that the Truths of God's Word are no longer available to the common man, then God will raise up more men to translate it. Until then, we must educate our children in the use of a dictionary that surprisingly enough still lists those supposed archaic words.

Thank you for giving me a chance to explain myself more clearly. I do have one more thing to suggest:

Study the modern English versions prayerfully and let me know if you find ONE that agrees 100% with the AV and has not changed God's doctrines in some way. I would rather have my children use a dictionary to find out that "broided" means braided than to have them taught a false doctrine. May God bless your search for the Truth.


Deborah said...

I don't have the list, but I heard a comparison of the words newer versions used to peplace some words in the KJV. They replaced simple four letter words that any child can understand with longer more difficult words. I've also read that the KJV Bible is written at a grade 5 level. Sure some of the words are not familiar today, but most are very simple. One problem is that people believe all the propaganda against the kjv and another is that people have just become too lazy....anyone ever hear of a dictionary??

By the way...sorry you couldn't make it to the revival meeting last night. It was nice to see your husband and some of your church people. A couple of the young guys have stayed in our home one year for teen conference.

Jessica said...

Amen. Having your children ask "Mama, what does this mean?" can open up a discussion on the Bible. Grammar, Reading, Writing, Composition, Spelling, Vocabulary, Language, History, Geography, Social Studies, Bible studies, Latin,Hebrew, Greek, etc. all rolled into one discussion. (We Homeschool!)One of the problems of society today is everything has been "Dumbed Down". Thanks for the good post.

Tanya Ross said...

Our children have learned to read more fluently on the KJV of the bible. And I agree, we do need to use the dictionary more in order to get ourselves and our children learning more about words. Great post, I really liked the way you explained it. With grace and love.