Friday, August 21, 2009

Please, turn off your cell phone during service!!!!

We had a memorable meeting at Timberline Baptist Church, Wednesday. Keith was half-way through his opening prayer when .....

Somebody's cellphone ring starts playing!

Well, of course, being the sober, self-controlled missionary's wife that I am; I just had to peek to see who was fumbling in their purse or pocket to turn off their cellphone. To my horror, I looked up to find my husband taking his cell out of his pocket. Gasp! If that wasn't enough, Keith stopped praying mid-sentence to say, "Wow! it's pretty bad when its your own!"

I was no longer quietly being entertained by the embarrassment of some poor soul who had left his cell on. The whole congregation was laughing heartily and I was covering my face in shame! Meanwhile, Keith was calmly standing behind the pulpit, putting his cellphone back into his pocket and getting ready to say, "Let's pray."
We all managed to calm down and except for one snort (no, it was not mine -- this time) the prayer and preaching continued without incidence. We had a great time and learned a valuable lesson... Even preachers should double check their cellphones to see if they are turned off.

God blessed our time with Timberline Baptist. They have a great group of people who love the Lord, including their young people. Even Keith was impressed with the youth group and that's saying a lot!

We are back in De Soto, MO for the next week. Then its back on the road to Southern Ontario. The kids are very excited about seeing Grandma and Poppa again. Jerry was even willing to get back in the van this morning for two more days of travel (that says a lot!) Daddy and Mommy were NOT!

Have a great day serving the LORD today. God bless you. Keep on a prayin'!


Carole said...

That is a funny story! Praying for you in your travels! God Bless You!