Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thanks for your prayers!

Feeling much better today! Thanks for your prayers. We are in York, Nebraska tonight. Tomorrow we head to Wyoming and then to Ogden, Utah on Saturday.

Today was my Dad's (Bro. Le Grow) appointment with the heart specialist. For those who don't know what we're talking about, Dad has some serious heart problems. The Lord has removed the blood clot he had in his heart, and today he was to have treatment for his high heart rate. It was not the Lord's will to allow the procedure to work. Please pray for my Dad and Mom, family, and church. The doctor has put him on new medication and are planning to try again in a month. With his heart racing constantly, Dad is tired a lot and has had to quit his secular job. As I heard recently, "God never wastes an experience." We trust in the Great Physician and the comfort of the Holy Ghost. Thank you for your prayers.

On the lighter side, Keith was just telling Jerry to lay down. I turned around to see Jerry sitting in the middle of the bed, eyes closed, and sound asleep. He was swaying back and forth looking something like Stevie Wonder. Keith had to go and lay him back down. That kid does the weirdest things in his sleep!

'Til next time -- God bless you. Keep on a prayin'!